Animal Attacks

Every state boasts some of the most beautiful countryside in the country and they are home to thousands of wild creatures. Sometimes, these creatures can find their way into your yard and even into your lives. Even though most state laws strictly prohibit the live possession of a wild animal, many animal lovers routinely break these laws--putting themselves and others in danger.

Most state laws strictly prohibits the importation, live possession, sale, trade or purchase of any animal that is a wild native to that stste. In addition, those same laws often also prohibits the ownership or sale of wild animals that are not native to the state. These “exotic” animals can range from monkeys and squirrels, to alligators and mountain lion cubs and the ownership of these animals is against the law.

Wild animals can easily become out of control, mauling and biting unsuspecting people. Even if the animal is kept confined, wild animals can carry serious and deadly diseases that put everyone at risk. Macaque monkeys, who are becoming a very popular pet, carry a deadly virus known as the B virus. While the virus is harmless to the monkey, 80% of all untreated humans who contract the B virus die from infection. Exotic reptiles also carry salmonella and the CDC estimates that 70,000 people every year contact salmonella from a reptile they kept as a pet.

If you or someone you love was injured in an animal attack, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney immediately to determine if you have cause to file a claim. If the animal in question was kept in captivity illegally, the owner may be liable for the injuries you sustained. In addition, the animal may have to be removed from the property if the possession of this wild animal is against the state law and a danger to others.

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