Investigating Dog Bite Injuries

If you or someone you love has suffered a dog bite injury, you know first-hand how traumatic and painful these injuries can be. If the injuries are severe, you and your family may be dealing with years of plastic surgeries, rehabilitation and therapies. When this occurs, you will need the services of a dog bite attorney. A dog bite lawyer with extensive knowledge litigating and negotiating dog bite injuries is crucial to receiving the compensation you are entitled to after a dog bite injury.

In some states, a dog bite victim may seek financial compensation if the dog bite caused serious bodily injury. In this situation, your attorney does not need to prove that the owner had knowledge of the dog's aggression, nor does the attorney have to prove that the dog had dangerous propensities. In this situation, the dog owner is strictly liable for your injuries -- if they are severe.

There are situations; however, that require a dog bite attorney to investigate the dog bite case more closely. If your injuries are significant but not deemed severe, your attorney may need to discuss your condition with medical professionals to determine if you will endure lingering effects or require multiple treatments in order to fully correct the injury. In addition, your attorney may need to review records of the dog's vaccinations and interview neighbors to determine if the owner acted negligently.

Even if the dog attack is not in question, the victim and his motives may be. In some states, the victim is not allowed to seek compensation for injuries if he was trespassing on private property at the time of the attack or provoked the animal in any way. Your attorney will need to review your case closely to determine if any of these conditions excludes you from seeking financial compensation after your accident.

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