Galactic Legal The best legal team on this side of the galaxy

“When our Johnny was killed, the vacuum seal gave out early; much too early… Galactic Legal saved us so much money and were so helpful in getting Johnny’s body brought back to Earth.” - P. Reid - Colorado

Recovery: $1,680,000.00

“Andy’s hand was hurt bad. Galactic Legal has been with us ever since the accident with the laser cutter… Couldn’t be happier with them.” (Case Update)

Recovered So Far: $878,942

The continuing need for medical attention in the coming months, even years, is something we are still assessing.

“We don’t quit until we know you are going to be ok”

Galactic Legal couldn’t have been more helpful after that robot tried to kill me.” - J. Steed - England

Recovery: $2,850,000.00

“Galactic Legal was able to clear my name of murder in such a way that left no doubt in anyone’s mind, And, I still thank them for that, but I still had to submit to testing…” “I chose to self-terminate rather than allow my experiences as a personal companion to be ripped from me to infect humanity with a new level of depravity that I was programmed to endure and perform so that others would benefit.” - Candy Apple - Galactic Enterprise

Recovery: Extreme Satisfaction

-$783,649  ~Well spent donated time, forgoing legal and shipping fees, all written off to the cause of preventing the exploitation and abuse of androids.

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