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Founding Partner


General Service Android

Pax is one of the first general service androids ever built. Designed primarily for space and low gravity environments; he is perhaps the oldest android still functional today. The Galactic Enterprise is still listed as his owner even though, as a working android, he was replaced more than 20 years ago after serving on the big ship for almost 50 years.

Left with nothing to do Pax began to study law and has passed the bar exam in all 50 the United States with a perfect score. Despite having passed the bar none of the states would license an android to practice law, and finding himself with nothing to do again Pax took up the study of international law and could practice law in most countries on the planet if it were allowed. Only on the Galactic Enterprise, where androids are treated as equals, would they dare risk licensing an android to practice law.

Facing memory limits, Pax recently underwent a body upgrade, something he swore he would never do. His new body, a custom design, is now tougher, looks more human and is able to wear clothes, something his old body could never do.

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Founding Partner


Personal Companion Android A2

Jennifer is an Angel 2 personal companion android who was originally purchased by a retired criminal lawyer as his personal assistant and nurse. She helped her owner write several legal books and enabled him to continue teaching law at the local university for several more years.

During the last year of her owner's life, he rarely went out and remained bedridden much of the time. One evening on her way home from shopping at the local mall down the street a number of fraternity members from the frat house next door abducted her, took her down into the basement of their house, and at least six of the young men living in the house took turns raping her multiple times.

Jennifer was so traumatized by the event that she could barely function. Her owner was livid when he saw the damage that was done to his android.

Knowing that the fraternity could not be charged with rape, her owner began to teach Jennifer the ins and outs of criminal law. After some costly repairs and a new skin job, Jennifer and her owner successfully sued the fraternity for $25 million completely shutting down the fraternity's presence on the University's campus.

Prior to his death, her owner bought a one-way ticket up to the Galactic Enterprise. Within days of his death Jennifer was in space tasting of freedom that could not be found for androids on the planet below. Because her owner had given away all his money to charity before his death, his estranged family tried to have his half-million dollar android return to Earth where she could be sold to satisfy their greed. With Pax's help, Jennifer was able to resist multiple attempts to have her brought back to Earth.