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Victims of bicycle accidents have one common factor: the injuries sustained are often much worse than in a car-on-car collision. At a minimum we see severe back strains or soft tissue injuries requiring lengthy chiropractic treatment or physical therapy. More common is broken bones, road rash, facial scarring, spinal cord injury, brain injury and even wrongful death. Through wrongful death litigation a good attorney can also represent the families who have lost a loved one in a tragic collision with a vehicle. Some cases don't actually involve contact with a vehicle but simply are caused by a miss-and-run driver who may have been unaware that he or she even caused a wreck. Funds may be available to victims even if the driver cannot be located.

One of the most common excuses from negligent drivers is that they did not see the bicycle. In reality, it is usually the driver's fault for not looking well enough. Under most state laws it is negligent for a driver to not see what was open and obvious, had he or she looked.

If you need advice in the aftermath of an accident involving a bicycle or pedestrian, contact an experienced lawyer. Often they offer free consultations, and only collect an attorney's fee if they are successful in resolving your damages claim.

Many bicycle accidents occur under similar circumstances. Some of the most common include:

• Accidents in crosswalks, private driveways or coming out of an alley.

• Cars turning into bike lanes or paths.

• Collisions with children in school zones, subdivisions, or near parks where children might be playing.

• Claims against drunk drivers, hit-and-run drivers and miss-and-run drivers.

In addition to recovering the maximum amount for your personal injuries, a good attorney will assist in the day-to-day problems that arise. They should assist you with submission of medical claims, applying for restitution and seeking victim's compensation. A good lawyer can help you get access to medical care if your own insurer refuses coverage or if you have no health insurance. This can be done through liens with medical providers or through pre-paid medical services. If you were hit by a drunk or intoxicated driver, you might be eligible for victim's compensation funds or even criminal restitution. A good attorney can also help you deal with lost wages, lost earnings or lost earning capacity caused by a lengthy inability to work.

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