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Junior Partner

Eric J. Manson, Esq.

Working his way through Harvard Law School, Eric majored in corporate law with a minor in robotics. Trying to gain experience he interned in a number of prominent corporate legal practices around the country before being tapped by Pax to become the human face of Galactic Legal.

In his spare time Eric managed to piece together an Angel personal companion android out of spare parts. Living with him, the android works as his legal secretary and research assistant. It was his android that brought Eric to Pax's attention.

This website is not meant to serve as legal advice of any kind and is only intended for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only.

Support Staff


Personal Companion Android A1

Originally, Angel was a Candy personal companion android used as a robotic prostitute by one of many escort services that came into being with the introduction of the personal companion android in the early 2050s. Little is known of her actual work history, but it can be imagined. At some point she became damaged and Eric Manson managed to salvage what was left of her body from a dumpster. Over time Eric was able to piece together a new body for Angel to use.

Currently, Angel serves as the receptionist, legal secretary, and general research assistant for Galactic Legal. While knowledgeable enough to be a lawyer in her own right, Angel is very devoted to her owner and is content to serve as a subordinate on the Galactic Legal team.

For some unknown reason Angel collects feathers.