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There are dog bites and there are dog bites. If a dog you know well gives you a one-time chomp when roughhousing, you should probably just clean the wound out and get on with the rest of your life. If you're attacked by a strange dog off the leash on the street or in a park, however, you might be lucky to escape with your life.

Some states have what is known as the "one free bite rule."  This basically means that a dog's owner is not liable for injury caused by his dog unless the dog was known to have vicious propensities or was of a breed known to be vicious.  Victims of dog attacks can often recover their medical bills and perhaps other economic losses regardless of whether the dog had bit someone before.  Many dog bites are more startling or scary than anything.  Some don't even break the skin.  However, some dog bites can leave permanent disfiguring scars or more vicious attacks can even result in death.

It is important to report any animal attacks to the proper authority immediately.  This will ensure that appropriate evidence is maintained and that others will not suffer the same fate.

It is often easier to prove a case when the dog has either bitten someone before or is a breed of dog known to have vicious propensities.  According to the Center for Disease Control, the top ten most dangerous dogs are:

1.   Pit Bull

2.   Rottweiler

3.   German Shepherd

4.   Huskie

5.   Alaskan Malamute

6.   Doberman Pinscher

7.   Chow Chows

8,   Great Dane

9.   St. Bernard

10. Akita

A personal injury lawyer will know how to investigate dog bite cases to give you the strongest possible chance of success even in "first-bite" cases. What breed was the dog? What measures did the owner take to protect you or the general public? How was the dog treated or trained? Did the attack occur where small children were likely to be present? Was the dog provoked?  Were there any witnesses?  Have the neighbors, delivery people or the postman ever been intimidated or bitten by the dog?

Whether or not the dog involved in your case had bitten people before, the owner may be held liable for your medical expenses under. In severe cases involving extensive trauma to soft tissues or nerves, these can be very substantial. We know how to document damages claims in dog bite cases so that any future treatment or surgery will be covered in your demand. Cases involving extensive facial disfigurement or scars might require successive rounds of surgery.

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