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Victims of Semi-Truck and Commercial Vehicle Collisions Need Special Care

Recovering damages against a corporate defendant in a truck accident case isn't the same as settling a car accident case under a consumer auto insurance policy. Individuals and families involved in a crash with a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle usually suffer

serious and often permanent injuries. Collisions with big rig trucks may result in spinal cord injuries, broken bones, brain trauma, and even wrongful death. Because personal injuries with these type of vehicles tend to be more serious, and the availability of million-dollar liability coverage, every detail of your claim will be scrutinized and hotly contested.

Ultimately, however, our goal is to make sure you recover the money you need to support a recovery from serious injuries. In some cases, the objective will be to secure your comfort for many years to come in the case of a permanent injury such as brain injury, broken bones, quadriplegia or amputation.

While we're concentrating on presenting your damages claim in the strongest and most convincing terms possible, we're also available to advise you and intervene with any problems you encounter with medical treatment, insurance coverage, interruption of income, damage to your vehicle or denial of benefits.

Choosing a truck accident attorney is a complicated decision. It is important that you act quickly and contact an experienced trucking accident attorney about your rights and legal options.

We help clients meet and overcome the challenges of accident litigation involving semi trucks, construction vehicles, delivery vans, public transit buses, private limos and charter vehicles, or any other vehicle operated professionally or for profit.

If your accident involved a regional transportation district bus (city bus) you will have to deal with unfair governmental immunity laws.  Virtually all cases have a statute of limitations or time frame by which you must bring a claim.  Unlike the normal statute of limitations for regular citizens, victims of city bus collisions are faced with an unfair and unreasonably short time frame to provide "notice" to the cited bus service.  The Governmental Immunity Notice statute applies to virtually all governmental agencies and its employees including city buses, police departments, jails, hospitals and many others.  The governmental immunity notice must generally be provided within 180 days of the collision and must be given to specific individuals or entities to be valid.  A city bus service will eventually try to get out of liability and perhaps succeed if your notice is simply given to an adjuster.  This is true even if the adjuster has obtained your records and bills and begun negotiations.  Consult an attorney IMMEDIATELY if you think that some sort of governmental agency may have contributed to your injuries.

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